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Our approach

Well, thanks for looking at our “About us” section. We’re flattered. As with most of these things, it is of course a massive egofest. If you can manage to see past that, you’ll see that our focus is actually very much on you and what you need. But as you asked…

We are a Guildford-based language services provider run by practising translators and staffed by a fantastic hotchpotch of lovely people from all round the world. We are passionate about languages and are very lucky to have an amazing array of wonderful clients, thanks to whom, we get to do what we love every day. So whatever the industry you work in, whatever the niche; we take our expertise and passion, combine it with the best linguists available and produce great results.

Why us?

Capable, quality-driven and there to support you
all over the world.

We’re doing something right and we even know what it is – quite simply: exceptional quality and service are paramount. As we’re staffed by professional linguists and translators, we take pride in every area of the services we provide. To boot, we’re friendly, helpful and we genuinely believe in maintaining an open, honest partnering approach with all our clients. Plus we always embrace the latest technology so our business and our ideas stay fresh and flexible.


95% of our clients stay with us and would recommend (or already have recommended) us.


100% of our clients rated the quality of our work either good or great.


95% of our clients rated our project management support as outstanding.

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A well-stocked trophy cabinet

Whilst we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take what we do very seriously. Our priority and our pride is the provision of top class language services. Hence we’re ISO 9001 quality accredited and more importantly we also hold the ISO 17100 quality standard, which is the quality standard for translation service providers. Our accreditation is independently audited by SGS – For those of you who want to see it, our quality and environmental policy can be found here.

The quality process starts when you contact us. A project manager is assigned to you from the beginning and will talk to you about your needs and deadlines and ask questions to get you thinking.

Getting things right from the beginning, allows us to combine a premium quality service and competitive pricing.

Being quality obsessed doesn’t make us utterly boring, by the way… just slightly pedantic.

Our team

Wherever you swim, we have it covered.








We don’t just make this stuff up, you know… here are some quotes from happy people who we have made happy:

“My absolute favourite thing about Geo Languages is your character and personality: you all come across as intelligent, witty people and it’s so refreshing after dealing with the forced, business-speak politeness of many of our suppliers.”

“Always receive an excellent service from Geo. The technical accuracy of their deliverable meets the needs of our demanding customers”

“Always confident that I can share translated surveys with clients, knowing that I won't get back scandalised comments about the tone/choice of adjective.”

“Brilliant. Always able to turn requests around quickly, especially good with our last minute 'can you just...' amendments, and even if our initial contact's not in the office I know that whoever picks up the project will handle it well.”

“Just to let you that it is ALWAYS a great pleasure to work with you, your team is amazing, very kind and fun. Please don't change that, this is so refreshing :)”


Geo’s translation systems give you a world of opportunity

Do you have an innovative scheme involving nanoparticles and string to save money on translation? Or perhaps you’d just like to discuss the ways machine translation (MT), translation memory (TM) and/or post-edited MT can speed up translation time and reduce costs?

Either way, we work with the latest translation tools and technologies to increase quality, increase speed and reduce long-term costs. Online project management and workflow automation tools allow our clients to see what’s happening step by step.

We can advise on sensible and not-so-sensible ways to manage your projects and we’d love to be involved to see if we can help you find new ways to do things. Just for the record, string probably won’t work.

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