• Tamil hello
    Did you know that Tamil is one of the oldest surviving languages in the world?

    But, like all languages, Tamil has vastly evolved from its origins. And, with native speakers spread across South and South-East Asia, it has since also branched off into several dialects and sub-dialects. The greatest differences in Tamil dialects lie between those spoken in South India and those spoken on the island of Sri Lanka – […]

  • Our Favourite Unique Galician Words

    Galicia (the Spanish one that isn’t Spanish but wants to remain Spanish, not the Polish one that doesn’t exist) has much in common with Scotland. Possible common Celtic heritage. Bagpipes. The flag of St. Andrew. A hundred different words for “rain”. Haggis. An embarrassing big brother it keeps trying to disassociate itself with. We’re joking […]

  • The Japanese Writing System – A Fusion of Different Character Types

    You might be familiar with Japanese fusion restaurants, blending Japanese dishes with food from other areas of the world, but did you know that Japanese writing is a fusion of different scripts? Of course, most languages and writing systems have evolved from different influences; but Japanese has innovated by combining three different writing systems together […]

  • How Do Chinese Keyboards Work?

    Today is the UN’s Chinese Language Day – a day which is chosen to coincide with “Guyu” in the Chinese calendar. Guyu is celebrated in honour of the Chinese folk hero Cangjie, who is said to have created Chinese characters thousands of years ago, so we thought this was a prime opportunity to explain a little about how Chinese characters work in today’s computer-driven world.

  • Why aren’t Finns very chatty?

    How many words for snow? We take a quick look at the complications of Finnish translation and why Finnish has lots of words for pretty much everything.

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