100% of our customers would recommend us.
It’s OK, I suppose.

We love our clients. We love their projects. We get excited by the range of things we get to be involved in. At the time of writing I’m working on developing a font in Chinese for the display of a bus, labelling a very special gin in Japanese and checking the Latin names of about 200 species found in Guinea for an environmental impact assessment. We don’t get bored here.

Now, normally we assume that this love is one way. All the good songs and poems are about unrequited love, after all. The moody pain of adolescence, how brilliant we are but no-one understands us etc. etc.

However, it, turns out we’ve completely misread the situation, so the marketing team are forcing us to write a self-congratulatory puff piece. So unfair.

Jokes slightly to one side; it is important to us to know what we’re doing well, what we could do better and if we’re meeting our clients’ needs. So, every year we send out a client satisfaction survey, and we wanted to share the results from this year’s:

We asked the following four key questions:

  • Would you recommend Geo Languages to another company?
  • How do you rate the quality of Geo’s work?
  • What is the level of project management support?
  • How do you rate the speed of service?

We received a great level of response from clients this year, and, now that we’ve crunched the numbers, we’re faux-humbled to share the results from our 2016-2017 client satisfaction survey:

  • 100% of all respondents would, or already have, recommended Geo to other people / companies.
  • 88% of respondents say the quality of work is ‘always great’ and 12% rate it as ‘good’.
  • Respondents who answered the question about project management support say it is always great or above expectations.
  • 100% say the speed of service is great.

We’re naturally delighted with these results, although slightly disappointed that our clients have seen through our thin veneer of nonchalance. We’ve given our team the necessary pat on the back, discussed ways we can continue to provide great service to our clients, and looked at how to improve our processes to make those numbers even better for next year.

If this has got you thinking what is missing in your life and how your translation projects should be making you happy, please give us a call on +44 (0)1483 577 750 or email help@geolanguages.co.uk.

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