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Many Rastafarians learn Amharic because Haile Selassie, the figurehead of the Rastafarian movement, came from Ethiopia. Rastafari means literally “Head Tafari” in Amharic and "Tafari" was Haile Selassie’s name before he became King.


Amharic is a Semitic language, and, of Semitic langauges, has the second highest number of speakers in the world after Arabic.

The Amharic script is an abugida: each character represents a consonant and a vowel together; interestingly, each consonant has a basic letter shape, which is changed based on which vowel it’s paired with.

The Amharic alphabet has 33 letters, each of which may take up to 5 different forms, adding up to a total of 251 characters.

Punctuation in Amharic is interesting:
፡ word separator
። full stop
፣ comma
፤ semicolon
፥ colon
፧ question mark

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