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The best of all condiments, the word ketchup is from the Indonesian word kecap, although it's actually a soy sauce, rather than a tomato sauce.


Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia. It’s a standardized register of Malay and the two languages are about 95% similar. “Bahasa” literally means “the language”. There are circa 40 million native speakers and almost 200 million second language speakers.

Bahasa Indonesian is a member of the Malayo-Polynesian language group. Other languages in this language group include Tagalog, Maori and Malagasy to name but a few.

Most Indonesians speak another language at home, for example Javanese or Sundanese. When Indonesia declared independence in 1945, Bahasa Indonesia was only spoken by 5% of the population whereas half of the population spoke Javanese or Sundanese.


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