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< 0.5 million

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Euskara, euskera

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Spanish takes many loan words from Basque. An obvious example is the Spanish word "izquierda" (left) which bears no resemblance to the word for left in other Romance languages (Latin: sinister, Italian: sinistra). It is taken from the Basque "ezkerda".


The Basque language is spoken in the Basque Country by half a million people. It is one of the 5 “semi-official” languages of the EU.

The Basque language is unusual, in that it’s a language isolate, which doesn’t share common roots with the languages of surrounding countries.

Basque is thought to have existed before Proto-Indo-European evolved into various Slavic (e.g. Russian), Hellenic (Greek), Italic (e.g. French, Spanish), Indo-Iranian (e.g. Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Kurdish, Pashto) and Celtic (e.g. Gaelic) languages and spread throughout Europe.

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