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Bulgarian was the first Slavic language to incorporate a written script, using the Glagolitic alphabet from the 850s CE.


Bulgarian is a member of the South Eastern Slavic language family. Other languages in this language group include Macedonian, Bosnian and Czech to name but a few.

It is spoken in Bulgaria and is also an official language of the European Union. Bulgarian was the first language using the Cyrillic script to become an official language within the EU.

Bulgarian has two dialect groups – Western (informally “hard speech”) and Eastern (informally “soft speech”). It is mutually intelligible with Macedonian.

Bulgarian is the only Slavic language that doesn’t have cases. They are preserved only in the different pronouns. Some interesting loanwords in Bulgarian include thank you from French “Мерси (mersí)” or bye from Italian “Чао (cháo)”.

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