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9 million

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Official language

Andorra, Spain

Also spoken

France, Sardinia

Interesting Fact

The Catalan language was banned under Franco's dictatorship, but the language was kept alive by families, the clergy and clandestine schools. In the modern era it has made a strong return and is now often the main language of instruction in Catalan schools.


Catalan is a Romance language spoken in Andorra, France and Spain (where it was recognized as an official language in 1982). It also holds an official status in Andorra. In Spain, Catalan is spoken not only in the region of Catalonia but also in Valencia, where it is referred to as Valencian. Although generally considered to be the same language, Catalan and Valencian are regulated by different bodies.

Catalan is not to be mixed up with Castilian. Catalan is not a dialect of Spanish but a language that developed independently from Latin.


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