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Creole and pidgin languages develop as a mixture and simplification of two existing languages; there are about 60 English-based creoles in use today.


A creole language is a language which has evolved from other languages. Creoles are spoken in many places throughout the world with the largest creole found in Haiti, where there are estimated to be about 10 million native speakers. Haitian Creole is a mix of French with bits of Spanish, Portuguese, Taino (a Caribbean language which became extinct in the 16th century) and West African languages.

A creole and a pidgin are often confused. A pidgin is a simplified form of a language developed as a means of communication, whereas a creole is a full language.

The English word “creole” is from the French “créole”, Spanish “criollo” and Portuguese “crioulo”, all coming from the Latin verb “creare” (to produce or create).


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