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20 million

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Ghana, Togo, Benin

Interesting Fact

Children are initially named based on the day they were born; the Ewe birthday-naming system. This stems from the belief that children can only be named according to their personality which they will later demonstrate. They are then named again at a ceremony one week after their birth.


Ewe is spoken across  Togo and south-eastern Ghana by approximately 20 million people. It has many dialects, and is itself a dialect cluster of the Gbe languages, which are spoken across the southern part of Ghana and in Togo.

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Translation / Transcreation / Subtitling / Localization / Adaptation / Copywriting / Authoring / Proofreading / Revision / Editing / Translation quality assurance / Terminology / Linguistic validation / Glossary creation / Dubbing / Voice-overs / Transcription / Typesetting / Simultaneous interpreting / Consecutive interpreting / Conference interpreting / Telephone interpreting / Public service interpreting / Interpreting equipment hire / Foreign language consulting

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