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Germany, Netherlands

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Frisian is so similar to English that the rhyme Brea, bûter, en griene tsiis is goed Ingelsk en goed Frysk (Bread, butter and green cheese, is good English and good Fries), is pronounced nearly the same in both languages.


Frisian is part of the West Germanic language group alongside Dutch and German. The Frisian languages are reckoned to be the closest living language group to English and share many similarities to Old English.

Frisian is a group of three Germanic languages: East Frisian spoken in Lower Saxon in Germany, North Frisian spoken in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and West Frisian spoken in Netherlands. Frisian is called Frysk in West Frisian, Fräisk in Saterland Frisian, and Frasch, Fresk, Freesk, and Friisk in the dialects of North Frisian.

North Frisian is an official recognised and protected minority language in Germany and it’s also one of the two official languages in the Netherlands.


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