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In the culture of the Igbo people of Nigeria, an Okpukpu is an ivory bangle worn by women with ten or more children, as well as by men to demonstrate their virility.


Igbo is the native language of the Igbo people from Nigeria. Igbo, or Ibo, was first proposed as a separate language in 1939. Consequently, not much written literature exists.

The Igbo calendar (Igbo: Ògụ́àfọ̀ Ị̀gbò) is the traditional calendar system of the Igbo people which has 13 months in a year (aro), 7 weeks in a month (onwa), and 4 days in a week (izu) (in the same way as the Yoruba and Urhobo calendar) plus an extra day at the end of the year, in the last month.

In Igbo, adjectives are a closed class, meaning that their number is limited, and new ones are not often added. Payne (1990) counts just eight: ukwu ‘big’, nta ‘small’; oji ‘dark’, ọcha ‘light’; ọhụrụ ‘new’, ochie ‘old’; ọma ‘good’; ọjọọ ‘bad’.


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