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In the Philippine language of Ilocano, instead of merely being passive or active, verbs show differences between unintentional and purposeful acts, as well as circumstantial and involuntary happenings.


Ilocano is a member of the Malayo-Polynesian language group. Other languages in this language group include Tagalog, Maori and Malagasy to name but a few.

Ilocano (or Ilokano) is the third most spoken language of the Philippines. It was recognised as an official language in the province of La Union in 2012 (English and Filipino being the two other official languages of the country). Interestingly, Ilocano is the fourth most spoken language in Hawai’i after English, Tagalog and Japanese.

The language has been written using two systems – the “Tagalog system” based on the Tagalog script, which keeps the written format of words closer to Ilocano pronunciation, and the “Spanish system” which keeps the spelling of Spanish loanwords closer to their original Spanish spelling.


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