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Greenland, Alaska, Arctic Canada

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Qallupilluk is the Inuit version of the bogeyman. It is said to be a sea-dwelling humanoid creature with long hair, green skin and long fingernails, that steals naughty children.


Inuit is one of the Eskimo-Aleutian languages and is spoken mainly in Greenland, Canada and the USA. There are two main dialect groups in Inuit: Inupik and Yupik. Inupik speakers inhabit an area from Greenland to western Alaska. Yupik spesaers are spread over an area of southwestern Alaska to Siberia.

Contrary to popular belief, Inuit does not have a vast number of words for snow. The number is exaggerated by compound nouns and suffixes (similar to saying “of snow”, “by snow”, “in snow” etc.).


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