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Altaic > Turkic


Cyrillic or Arabic

Text direction

Left to right (or right-to-left when Arabic script is used)


8 million

Also spoken


Official language

Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China

Interesting Fact

Kazakh is written in Cyrillic in Mongolia and Kazakhstan, but China’s sizeable population of Kazakh speakers uses an Arabic-derived alphabet.


Kazakh is a Turkic language spoken in Kazakhstan. Kazakh is spoken by the majority of the population and is called the “state language”, while Russian is called the official language, and is normally used for business situations.

The official national anthem of Kazakhstan is the wonderful Менің Қазақстаным (My Kazakhstan), whose music and lyrics are a world apart from the fake version used in the parody film “Borat”.

Kazakh was first written with the Arabic script, then the Roman script and since 1940 with the Cyrillic script. In 2006 the Kazakh President revived the idea of reverting to using the Roman script.

Kazakh is mutually intelligible with Kyrgyz.

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Services offered for this language

Translation / Transcreation / Subtitling / Localization / Adaptation / Copywriting / Authoring / Proofreading / Revision / Editing / Translation quality assurance / Terminology / Linguistic validation / Glossary creation / Dubbing / Voice-overs / Transcription / Typesetting / Simultaneous interpreting / Consecutive interpreting / Conference interpreting / Telephone interpreting / Public service interpreting / Interpreting equipment hire / Foreign language consulting

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