Kurdish (Kurmanji, Palewani, Sorani)

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Indo-European > Iranian


Perso-Arabic alphabet in Iran and Iraq, Latin alphabet in Turkey and Syria, Cyrillic alphabet in Armenia

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Right-to-left or left-to-right


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Armenia, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey

Interesting Fact

The Kurdish anthem is called "Ey Requib", meaning "Hey, Enemy!"


Kurdish is an Indo-Iranian language spoken by Kurds across several countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria. Several million Kurds also speak a language called Zaza-Gorani but this is a different language from Kurdish.

There are three dialect groups within the Kurdish language, spoken by about 20 million Kurds: Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish), Sorani (Central Kurdish) and Pehlewani (Southern Kurdish).

The language is written with two different scripts depending on locale. For example, in Turkey and Syria, Kurdish is written with a Latin script; but in Iraq and Iran, with Perso-Arabic script.

Most Kurdish vocabulary is of Iranian origin with loanwords from Persian, Arabic and some of Turkic origin.

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