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"Na neroden Petko kapa mu skroile” is a Macedonian proverb meaning “they sewed a hat to Peter who is not born yet”; the English equivalent would be “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.


Macedonian is a member of the South Eastern Slavic language family. It is spoken in Macedonia and is an official language of the European Union. Other languages in this group include Belarussian, Russian and Ukrainian to name but a few. About third of Macedonian speakers live outside Macedonia.

Macedonian has been influenced by Serbo-Croatian as most Macedonians learned the language when Macedonia was part of the former Yugoslavia. Macedonian uses an alphabet that was developed in the mid-20th century having previously used the Cyrillic Alphabet.

It is mutually intelligible with Bulgarian. In Bulgaria, it’s considered a dialect of Bulgarian, and in Greece it’s considered a dialect of Greek – in both countries publications in Macedonian are forbidden.


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