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The Kikaikui script, invented in the 1920's for the Mende language of Sierra Leone, includes over 150 characters; it has been subsequently replaced by the Latin alphabet and is only used by around 500 people today.


Mende is spoken in Sierra Leone by the Mende people where it serves as lingua franca. It is not to be confused with the Mende spoken in Papua New Guinea.

Mende (Mɛnde yia) is also known as Boumpe, Hulo, Kossa and Kosso.

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Translation / Transcreation / Subtitling / Localization / Adaptation / Copywriting / Authoring / Proofreading / Revision / Editing / Translation quality assurance / Terminology / Linguistic validation / Glossary creation / Dubbing / Voice-overs / Transcription / Typesetting / Simultaneous interpreting / Consecutive interpreting / Conference interpreting / Telephone interpreting / Public service interpreting / Interpreting equipment hire / Foreign language consulting

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