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The word "checkmate", as used in chess, comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat", meaning "the king is dead".


Persian, otherwise known as Farsi, is spoken in Iran. The variety of Persian spoken in Tajikistan is referred to as Tajik, and the variety spoken in Afghanistan is referred to as Dari. These three varieties are all mutually intelligible.

Along with other Iranian languages, Persian is member of the Indo-European language group, along with other branches such as Celtic, Germanic, Balto-Slavic and Indo-Aryan. Persian, in Iran, is written using a right-to-left Persian script that is similar to the Arabic script.

Persian loanwords to English include “assassin”, “balcony”, “bazaar”, “caviar” and “kiosk”. The word for “thank you” in Persian is borrowed from French: “merci”.

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