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43 million

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Belarus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania

Interesting Fact

The U.S. city of Chicago has such a large Polish population it's known locally as "Polonia"; and is believed to be the city with the second-largest number of Polish speakers, after Warsaw.


After many years of attempted division and suppression, Polish is currently the second largest Slavic language, after Russian. It is spoken mainly in Poland and surrounding countries, with large populations of first and second generation Polish speakers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada as a result of migration after the second world war.

Language Length
Tends to be 20-30% longer than English.

One letter words
When typesetting text in Polish (as with several other languages) there is a rule that one letter words cannot appear at the end of line.

Notable Grammar and Spelling Differences
A-Z:  Polish letters with diacritics/accents are treated as independent letters in an A-Z (whereas they are not in French, for example). Digraphs such as “dž” are not given independent treatment (whereas they are in Czech, for example).

Quotation marks:  Usually this style: „ ” but others are accepted.

Numbers:  The comma is used where English would use the decimal point and vice versa, e.g. 5.5 (English) = 5,5 (Polish), but 5,000 (English) is 5.000 (Polish).

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Translation / Transcreation / Subtitling / Localization / Adaptation / Copywriting / Authoring / Proofreading / Revision / Editing / Translation quality assurance / Terminology / Linguistic validation / Glossary creation / Dubbing / Voice-overs / Transcription / Typesetting / Simultaneous interpreting / Consecutive interpreting / Conference interpreting / Telephone interpreting / Public service interpreting / Interpreting equipment hire / Foreign language consulting

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