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For a long time Sardinian was considered a dialect of Italian, but it is actually a separate language and even has its own dialect - Gallurese, a version of Sardinian influenced by neighbouring Corsica.


Sardinian is a Romance language spoken in the island of Sardinia, in Italy. It has about 1 million speakers but the number of speakers currently seems to be falling.

Some consider it to be the closest language to Latin of all the Romance languages. A study carried out back in 1949 concluded that only 8% of Sardinian vocabulary, syntax, phonology, intonation and inflection was different to Latin, compared to the 20% difference between Spanish and Latin, and the 44% difference between French and Latin. The evidence is quite clear from some of the terms used; for example, “home” is “Casa” in Italian but “Domus” in both Latin and Sardinian.

The languages of Sardinia have been protected and recognized by regional and national laws since the late 1990’s and there are now attempts to unify the variants of the language.

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