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11 million

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Official language

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo

Also spoken

Montenegro, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Romania

Interesting Fact

Serbia is practically the only country in the Europe that uses two scripts simultaneously: Cyrillic and Latin, with everyone reading and writing both scripts equally well.


Serbian is a member of the South Western Slavic language family. Other languages in this language group include Macedonian, Bosnian and Czech to name but a few. It is spoken by Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian are different national variants of the Serbo-Croatian language. These four languages were divided into national registers after the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991. The languages are mutually intelligible in spoken format and also in written format if written with Latin script (Croatian uses only Latin script but Bosnian, Montenegrin and Serbian use both Latin and Cyrillic).

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Translation / Transcreation / Subtitling / Localization / Adaptation / Copywriting / Authoring / Proofreading / Revision / Editing / Translation quality assurance / Terminology / Linguistic validation / Glossary creation / Dubbing / Voice-overs / Transcription / Typesetting / Simultaneous interpreting / Consecutive interpreting / Conference interpreting / Telephone interpreting / Public service interpreting / Interpreting equipment hire / Foreign language consulting

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