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In legal translation, speed, capacity, accuracy are the measures of success. And at Geo Language Services, that’s what we do best. Sure, our branding’s fun. But when it comes to delivering translated legal content you can count on, we’re totally serious.

Among our 3,000+ highly skilled linguists, we’ve got expert native speakers with legal translation degrees, practising solicitors, certified public service interpreters… Combine that with specialist industry knowledge, whether it’s shipping, the environment, engineering or national security clearance, our network of translators can meet the most specific of needs.

Years of experience we’re proud to keep quiet about

We’d love to tell you everything about the projects we’ve worked on, but due to client confidentiality, we can’t. Here’s one we can mention: a recent project to translate millions of words of technical and legal text for a dam and hydroelectric plant in Brazil. Then there’s everything from construction failures, fatal fires and sunken ships to pavement cracks and tonnes of chocolate that neither party wanted. Intrigued? Sorry, our lips are sealed. (It was delicious, by the way.)
Subject matters we cover:

  • Human rights
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Environment, Energy & Natural resources
  • Aviation and Shipping
  • Insurance & Re-insurance
  • Trade & Commodities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Finance
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • International Property


  • Standard level translation (with revision as required by ISO 17100)
  • Information only level translation (for speed and cost-efficiency)
  • Summarizing
  • Editing machine translations (for large volumes)
  • Transcription
  • Sworn and Certified translations
  • Notarization and legalization
  • Legal interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous)

Legal documents we work on regularly:

  • Witness statements
  • Technical reports
  • Claim & Response packs
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Patents
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Regulatory translations
  • Company by-laws
  • Powers of attorney
  • Company by-laws
  • Annual accounts
  • Supplier agreements
  • Judgements
  • Lawsuits
  • Etc.

Above and beyond

We offer unparalleled out-of-hours support; for example, we recently delivered 60,000 words of top-notch, fully reviewed content for an urgent case in just three working days. All part of the service we’re passionate about.

Credentials you can trust

We’re ISO9001, 14001 and 17100 certified (that’s the quality standard for translation service provision). In practice, that means your text is always translated, proofread and validated by multiple native subject matter experts – and reviewed by our in-house staff – before we deliver it back to you. Like we said, we’re sticklers for getting it right.

Translate once, reuse often – for lower translation costs

Thanks to the unique translation memory we build (and store securely) for every customer, it’s easy to repurpose repeated text in your documents, job after job. We do this as standard, saving you up to 50%, and ensuring your content is more consistent. Win-win, right?

Talk to us. We’re friendly.

Over 90% of our business is from repeat clients – year in, year out, for the past ten years.

To find out more, chat to one of our experienced project managers on +44 (0)1483 577 750, or email us your text for a no-obligation quote –

All information is completely confidential.

Don’t have any translation projects right now? No worries! Stay in touch by signing up for our (very occasional) newsletter here or request a price list for future reference here.

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