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Done well, market research is a beautiful thing. But what about when you’re connecting with new markets and global audiences? Well, get it wrong and things can get sticky, fast – and besides false findings and inaccurate data, there’s the risk of damaging your brand beyond repair.

At Geo Language Services we take care to ensure that never happens. Translating questionnaires and their results is one of our specialist subjects. We’ll get your questions pitch-perfect and bias-free, translate verbatims into text that’s as fluent and expressive as the original. And just like that, your data adds up.

Read on and you’ll discover how.

  • Translating questionnaires & satisfaction surveys
  • Open-ends & verbatim translation and coding
  • Localisation & cultural adaptation
  • Cultural conceptual equivalence
  • Cross-cultural branding
  • Quant & qual evaluations
  • Discussion guides
  • Research reports
  • Group discussions and transcripts

Why do global market research companies choose us?

Precision. Nuance. Accuracy. And we achieve that thanks to our 3,000-strong network of translators. Linguists with in-house experience at leading market research agencies. Specialists in your industry, whether it’s online, healthcare, entertainment or law. Native speakers of over 160 languages. We know what you need and we deliver it – no questions asked. Except yours.

Certified quality standards for peace of mind

We take quality seriously: we’re ISO 9001, 14001 and 17100 certified (that’s the quality standard for translation service provision). Our solid QA processes are why our customers choose us. Our solid QA processes are why our customers choose us, and come back time and time again.

All this AND lower translation costs?

Thanks to the customised translation memory we build for every customer, we can easily transfer content from your previous surveys, questionnaires and reports – and reuse it in future ones. So your content is more consistent, and you save money. Win-win, right?

Talk to us. We’re friendly.

Over 90% of our business is from repeat clients – year in, year out, for the past ten years. Why not join the club?

Chat to one of our experienced project managers on +44 (0)1483 577 750, or email us your text for a no-obligation quote – help@geolanguages.co.uk.

All information is completely confidential.

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