Occupational Safety and Health
Translation Specialists

OSH is one of those areas where experience really matters and here at Geo we have over 15 years of experience regularly translating text related to OSH for business and government the world over.


We work for many of the world’s top OSH consultancies, environmental consultancies, certification companies and oil & gas companies. Typical content includes:

√ Training information


√ Standard operating procedures

√ Waste management plans

√ Risk assessments

√ Safety data sheets

√ Emergency response plans

√ Product labelling

√ European technical assessments

√ Building safety reports

√ Legal frameworks

√ Stakeholder management plans

√ General marketing and multimedia

And more!

The terminology used in our translations is researched and checked against existing OSH and international publications. We understand the difference between commonly confused terms like “monitoring/controlling” or “danger/hazard/risk” or “warning/precaution”.

Some highlights include translating millions of words of safety documentation for an oil firm in Algeria and translating the entire environmental/legal frameworks of Mauritania and Senegal into English for another oil firm using a smart combination of automated and human excellence. We’ve worked on multiple eLearning courses, delivering not just translated text, but also multilingual audio and video.

In safe hands

We have unrivalled experience and access to the best linguists in the field, plus fast, flexible workflows that guarantee fantastic results and easily accessible content. Our official accreditations are from SGS for ISO 17100 (for translation) and ISO 9001.

We’d love to have an intelligent discussion about how we can help you with your projects. Start the discussion at help@geolanguages.co.uk

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